I'm a web designer and front-end developer based in London. I care about things like legibility, typographic rhythm, visual contrast and clear hierarchies. I can't design without grids and baselines, and always use the measure on my text columns.

I also write SCSS that responds to screen sizes. I use BEMCSS to structure my code. I use two spaced indents (soft tabs, of course). I strive to write semantic HTML, descriptive class names and microformatted content. My Javascript usually inherits prototypes and degrades quite gracefully.


  • Email: a@afn.so
  • Phone: +44 (0)78 78 159 951


H&M Sustainability Highlights


Web Designer and Front-end Developer

The H&M Sustainability Highlights 2016 was built in HTML, SASS and Javascript. Amongst the key challenges were making the website perform well in a very wide range of devices and bandwidths, and designing components robust enough to handle 8 different languages and scripts, including Japanese and Chinese, which required a custom automated workflow to be developed.

Fashion Week Stockholm


Web Designer and Front-end Developer

Fashion Week Stockholm is a WordPress install with custom plugins and theme. It was designed mobile-first, and optimised to feel snappy on any connection.

Bon Magazine


Web Designer and Front-end Developer

Designed by Erik Hartin

Bon is a Swedish fashion magazine, both digital and print. We’re responsible for everything from front-end to back-end tools, hosting and deployments, and setting up and developing a video streaming service twice a year for Fashion Week Stockholm. It uses a WordPress back-end with custom-built front-end, and runs on a fully automated and reproducible stack, orchestrated by Ansible.



Web Designer and Front-end Developer

Designed by Erik Hartin

Vestoj is an online and print publication exploring critical writing in fashion. The website is built on a WordPress back-end with a custom front-end.